Thursday, July 8, 2010

Kenya - Pre-departure

Pre-travel jitters are common, and everyone deals with them in different ways. Some people clean the house from top to bottom. Others will go out for a night on the town, dance the nerves away with a pint of beer and a room full of strangers. Everyone at one point or another calls their family and friends bearing the same message: see you guys later.

This is my message to you. In 12 hours I'll be stepping out my front door en route to Kenya. Naturally, I am slightly nervous. I've repacked my backpack about ten times already. I've optimized my cameras, setting them up and taking them down as if I'll forget under the pressure. There is alot to keep track of....we have tripods, shoulder mounts, 2 XH-A1's, enough Canon glass to make any photographer jealous, light boxes, radios, mics, solid state recorders, and more production equipment that I haven't even touched yet. And it's all being sent over to complete a job in a timeframe that's borderlining insanity.

Thing is, there isn't any crippling pressure. There isn't any overwhelming worry. None because I know what I'm going there for. This story I'm helping to tell is meaningful. The Roots of Happiness is the pursuit for what makes us happy, and it's a message that's destined to find it's way into not only the hearts of our audience but all of us who are so fortunate to be a part of it. The kids aren't the only people who will be changed forever.

Keeping that job in mind over the next 2 days will be a little difficult, however. Here's the itinerary we're looking forward to:

5 hour flight on Friday night from San Francisco to Newark, NJ
12 hour layover in Newark till a Saturday night flight to Brussels, Belgium
7 1/2 hour flight overnight on Saturday to Brussels
3 hour layover in Brussles on Sunday morning
11 hour flight from Brussels to Nairobi, Kenya. Final arrival time is 10:30pm Sunday night

I'll be updating on a regular basis (hopefully with photos and video), so stay tuned. As for now, I'm off for a full night's sleep, God knows I'll need it for the next couple days. Until the next time I find internet....adventure is out there!

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