Tuesday, February 22, 2011

24-Hour News Loves...?

I know...I know. Blog content has dropped off dramatically in the past 10 days or so. Blame it on me being lazy, and I'll blame it on the destructive flu that had me stuck in bed for 6 days wishing I had something stronger than Extra Strength Tylenol. But, that's neither here nor there. The flu lost. I'm still alive. We're moving on like civilized adults.

As I lay there shivering from the crippling fever, I did get to catch up on some television viewing. Most of my time was spent on CNN or another news channel watching the sheer insanity that broke out around the world. The most popular subjects of the week were:

  • Protests and people being shot in Libya
  • Political unrest in the rest of the Middle East
  • Wisconsin trying to destroy unions and the ensuing protests
  • Fox News calling the protesters ill-informed and un-Patriotic when they applauded the Tea Party for the same thing
  • Somalian Pirates killing more Americans
  • How we're going to run out of food by 2050
  • Unemployment is still rocking and rolling
  • Christchurch getting leveled by an earthquake
  • Justin Bieber winning the MVP at the Celebrity All-Star Basketball Game
Needless to say, this week was pretty fricken depressing. It's what I get for watching the news for 6 days straight I guess, but I really enjoy keeping up on world affairs. Knowing what's going on outside of the United States makes me feel like I'm still part of the world community rather than just another American. Most weeks it's great: once you sift through the standard 'our economy is tanking' headlines you can see some of the miraculous stuff that is going on abroad. Not this week though...everything beautiful and amazing was falling apart at the seams.

Of course I proceed to make the mistake of mixing my news watching with the occasional check-up on the latest happenings on Facebook. The only thing worse than the world falling apart at the seams is the world falling apart and only a handful of people in my social circle actually giving a damn. I love my friends, but how does all this stuff get by you and not phase you one bit? I mean, your 10 page paper might be important, but come on! Running out of food? People dying? Is your Red Bull induced all-nighter really that damn important?

Expecting people to care is something I learned to give up on. It's not because they're ignorant or because they don't get it....it's because you're not living their life. They have different morals and different standards. They have different experiences.

The one thing I have noticed, however, is that travelers have one shared moral: a care for the world they live in. Everyone who's spent a sufficient amount of time traveling seems to be in-sync with the harmony of the world. When things are going sour, they care. Deeply. They know that these people are suffering, and that these people are just like you and me. It's a fundamental moral that can only be taught through seeing different cultures and people. 

You also learn that there are beautiful things happening constantly...even in super-destructive weeks like this. In times of disaster and hardship, people naturally pull together. The 24-news cycle doesn't like this sappy stuff, so you won't see it on MSNBC anytime soon. The strength of humanity, however, always finds a way to prevail. It's in that love for one another that will get us through the tough times we all face in the near future. You thought it was hard now? It's going to get alot harder...believe me. The economy will seem petty in retrospect. But take solace in this: we've always pulled through. As a species, we're programmed to persevere and survive, using everything we have at our disposal to do so. New ideas will arise out of need and desperation, and they'll shape the world into a better place to live. Stay active and always moving, and we'll all get there together. I have faith. 

More importantly, we have Anderson Cooper. With him, we cannot fail.
In The Silver Fox We Trust

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