Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Kiwi Chronicles - Chapter 3: The Legendary Stories, Introduction

After pondering on it for a couple days, I realized that encompassing the full spectrum of stories and adventures from New Zealand and giving them each a chapter would give this series more chapters than Atlas Shrugged....and I really hate Atlas Shrugged. So, for the sake of being comprehensive and to cater to the short attention spans of the modern day American, I give you the continuing Chapter 3 of The Kiwi Chronicles......The Legendary Stories.

To introduce this chapter, let me flash forward to 5 nights ago, when I was trying to outline this series. It was a late Thursday night, and I was sitting at my desk jotting on some notecards the memories that I had of New Zealand. I was consulting the mass of pictures I had on my hard drive as well as my journal for reference, and after a couple hours I looked up at my bulletin board to see half the thing covered in notes. I was fitting 7 or 8 different stories onto one card, and had a good 10 or 15 cards on the board. That's alot of material.

As I was sorting through them, I noticed a couple things:

  1. Classifying these stories into distinct categories would be impossible, as most of them are unique or involved the bar in some sort of fashion.
  2. Some were just lessons or games that I learned, and although I'm going to tell you how to play "Possum" efficiently, it wasn't a chapter of the story as much as an event worth mentioning.
  3. Telling them in order would take the piss out of the whole thing. Who goes to the movies to see the epic finale first? It's all about the build-up, and I want to start semi-epic and work up to epic-epic.
So I came up with 'The Legendary Stories' to address this issue. This is the middle chapter of The Kiwi Chronicles....the meat of the story that made the trip special and unique. The stories will feature the people, places, things, and events that will hopefully at the end paint a picture why I fell in love with this country and it's people, and why I'm now addicted to travel. 

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