Monday, April 11, 2011

Thailand 2011 - Monday Night Fights

It's about 11:15pm on Monday night here, and we just got back to the room from the Patong Boxing Arena. I'm not a big UFC or fighting kind of guy, but seeing a Muay Thai boxing ticket in Thailand should be a stipulation of your Visa here.

You hear about Muay Thai and see the American version of it all, but it's a completely different beast seeing it in the stadiums in Thailand. The culture and the sheer speed and tenacity involved with each ticket is astounding. Seeing 10-year olds fight at a caliber that would put most of my friends to shame really solidified the hypothesis of mine that Thailand is a fighting culture. More to come on the culture of Thailand in a later post.

As you drive around Thailand (especially in Phuket, where we're at right now), you see these camps everywhere. People are training constantly, and there are fighters from around the world that come here to train. There's nothing like training in this hot and humid environment with a culture that embraces the discipline.

Songkran is in 2 days, and I anticipate having more time to put together the blog I filmed earlier. This has been one hell of a ride, and we're only on day 3. I'm pumped to share this part of their culture with you, as I am not a fighting person and found this sport utterly amazing. Pics to come, so stay tuned!

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