Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Korea 2011 - My First Day

I survived!

Yeah, that's basically all I can say about my first couple days as an ESL teacher at Wawoo Middle School. To tell you the truth, I'm a bit overwhelmed....not by the job, but by the emotions and thoughts running through my head about being a teacher. This is a very new, exciting, sometimes terrifying experience for me. I'll have to take some time to process everything, but for now know this:

  • The kids are amazing and downright hilarious. I love working with them.
  • My co-teachers and other teachers are very friendly and helpful, and have been my support system since coming here.
  • I have a classroom that I can do nearly anything I want with.
  • My after-school class has started off slow, but I think those classes will be the best part about my day. I also get paid extra for them, but money isn't an issue or my reason for coming.
  • It's only the first week. I still have much to learn, but I feel WAY better about my situation and think that I might be an alright teacher afterall!
I'll cover my first week more in depth...well, once my first week is done.


  1. So when is a good time to visit? Serious question. IT looks like the cheapeast flights for me are in OCtobr and November...and Ill so a stop over in China. If you can host me for a wekk, I will totally come in.

  2. I'll check it out for sure. I get something like 20 days vacation, and I think I can take a week off in October or something. We could like...see a bit of Korea (Korea's super small), then I might follow you into China. Something cool like that....


    Grad school will kick my ass and I have to write a master´s thesis next summer, so this will be my last fun trip for a long time.