Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Music Hasn't Died Yet

For the past 3 years or so the only news that America has seemed to attract is the bad kind. We're at war, Obama's not a citizen, college graduates are jobless, or our economy is tanking. You see homes getting foreclosed and people lining up at the job fairs, all while young people with Master's degrees flip burgers to pay your rent. I've even heard people compare this to the fall of Rome, and that America's time is done. We had a good run, right?

Well... before you count us out, take 10 minutes to watch this video:
Grand Rapids, MI is up there in terms of cities that were utterly destroyed by the recession. An article was written that placed them in the Top 10 cities that are "disappearing". Most people would agree and either move or live there in futility.

Grand Rapids, however, decided to give the news the middle finger and prove to everyone that the American spirit was alive and well in this midwest city. Set to Don McLean's "American Pie", Grand Rapids assembled the largest lipdub ever created.

We've always been a defiant country. Hell, we were founded because we were fed up with the monarchs of Britain. That has always been our greatest strength, and in times like this we get creative. Grand Rapids wanted to prove to the country that they weren't a dead city, and putting together a video like this proved that they are still alive and kicking.

Things are bad people. We know that. Careers are hard to come by, and everything is far from certain. I'm not scared though. I know that we as a country will make it through. We're a stubborn and creative bunch, and history has proven time and time again that those qualities will get us through the night.

You'll have people tell you that this is the end times, or that America's future is bleak. I challenge them to question our spirit. It's still alive and well. The rest of the world doesn't look at us for our money or military might. They admire our tenacity. They admire that we exercise our freedom as far as we can stretch it. They admire our creativity.

I love my country with all my heart...and sometimes it takes a long time abroad to realize what living in the greatest country in the world actually means.

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