Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cambodia 2012 - Last Day!

Tomorrow I will be flying out to China and heading back home to Korea. It's been a wonderful trip, filled with pretty amazing people and some great pictures, stories, and adventures. The blog will be going dark for a couple of days while I travel and rest.

During that time, I'll be writing a couple more posts on some of the insights and observations I had while being here. I won't lie...some of them aren't pretty. For better or worse, though, they have shaped to a degree the lens through which I see the world and all the amazing and devastating things that humanity is capable of. Even my traditional 'silver-lining' demeanor cannot sugar coat these stories. 

At the same time, as a traveller, you take the good and bad lessons you learn and try to become a better human being because of it. You learn. That's why you take a step out your door in the first place. You should have that incurable hunger to learn. To explore. To discover. That way, when you get back to the drudge of every day life, you can keep a sense of perspective. It's a bond that all travelers share.

For now, Happy Lunar New Year! And I'll see you all back in South Korea!

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