Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cambodia 2012 - Oh no! Not the Internet!

Hey guys! So, as I am in a 3rd world country right now, internet is a precious commodity that seems to go out when you need it the most. My guesthouse at the moment is in blackout, and so I had to scurry to town to do some work and check some emails. I'm documenting all my adventures through pictures, vid blogs, and written entries...but may not be able to post them on a regular, daily basis this week. I'll stagger them throughout the week as best I can, and you'll have plenty of content next week as well when I return to Korea.

To satisfy your travel hunger, or if you're just really a big fan of mine, you can check out some new pictures that I posted in my photography portfolio! Either click on the link found on top of this webpage or, if you're super lazy, you can just click here. Till next time...adventure is out there!

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