Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cambodia 2012 - Teaser

As fun and as adventurous as teaching English in Korea is...being figuratively stuck in a day job for 5 months solid makes me a bit ancy. I gotta keep moving, keep seeing new and exciting things. That's just my nature. Korea's dynamic enough, but it's about time to get another stamp in my passport.

My next adventure starts 6 days from now in Siem Reap, Cambodia. I'll be spending 8 days exploring temples, eating local food, volunteering at a local orphanage, and taking as many pictures and video blogs as I can along the way. Expect a flurry of posts during the week of January 16th-24th. Bookmark this page! Or better yet, just bookmark it cause you like reading about my adventures :)

I won't lie to you...this is a very impromptu trip. I booked the flight 2 weeks ago, which is a short time for any trip of this kind. I knew a little bit about Cambodia (mostly from my trip to Thailand in April), but not enough to make it a 'must-go to' destination. But the more and more I read about this country, the more and more I get excited to go. The price was decent: a flight and hotel for $550. More importantly, it seems like a beautiful country full of beautiful people, and I can't wait to experience and document a small snippet of this culture that seems so foreign to me. 
Plus, I checked out the weather. It's 95F there right now, while it's a brisk 15F outside in Korea and 35F in my classroom. I'm dreaming of somewhere much warmer right now...

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