Wednesday, January 11, 2012

AOTOS Changes!

Hey guys! So my blog has been getting a nice little spike in traffic, and to celebrate I went ahead and "activated" the pages feature in Blogger ( know...I knew about them all along).

If you look at the top, right underneath the title you should notice a handful of links. This will help you navigate all my adventures as things start to get a little more active. 

When I'm out and about, I keep a video blog, which can be found under "Video Blog". 

All the videos that my students in South Korea made can be found under my "Dailymotion" account.

My "Photography" and "Demo Reel" links will guide you to my online photography portfolio and my Demo Reel. Come April, I'll be looking for some film and photography work, so if you like what you see send these links to people that might want to hire me. For realsies....send them to people so I can have a job in the summer. If you do, I'll stop saying 'for realsies'.

I'll link a post or two that I think is particularly well written or relevant to what's happening right now. As of writing this post, there's a link to my thoughts on my last big project, "Roots of Happiness". You'll also see a link to the trailer in that post as well.

Hope you like it, and thanks again for following my adventures. My orange sweater would thank you too, but he's too busy keeping me warm right now.

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