Sunday, March 11, 2012

Taking a Break :)

Hey AOTOS fans! As of 4 days ago, I am officially 2 months away from leaving Korea and coming back to the USA. There are a ton of things in motion concerning jobs, films, and adventuring in general. Also, I'm going to be spending as much time as possible with friends and the people I love here in Korea before I say goodbye. That means, for the next month or so, Adventures of the Orange Sweater will be a little quieter than normal. If an awesome post comes to mind...then I'll definitely let you guys know (after all, that's how blogs work, right?). But for now, things will be a little slower. You gotta live life so you have some awesome stories to tell!

I might do some micro blogs here and there. Keep you guys in the loop on some stuff going on. For now though, I'll talk to you guys in a couple of weeks. Thanks for reading! And definitely check out some old posts while I'm gone...I'm sure I'll have some adventures to match the best of them :)

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