Monday, April 16, 2012

T-20 Days....Starting To Say Goodbye

This week is my last week of teaching at WAW Middle School. Next week the kids take their midterms and the following week I leave! I know how fast these next couple weeks will go by, and I know that I'm definitely not ready for the goodbyes to begin.

They have already started. One of my boys, Jack, who befriended me this semester wrote me a goodbye letter and gave me a tradition Korean top known as a Pengi. The boys have been playing with them non stop in the English hallway and, as the good teacher that I am, I have been actively encouraging this horseplay. The goal is to keep this thing spinning as long as possible by wrapping a rope around the base and letting it fly. It's super fun and addictive.

Anyways, Jack's letter was one of the nicest letters I've every gotten. I won't post the thing on my blog because, to be frank, it's so personal and kind that I'd rather keep this one for myself. I've always been one to get my happiness from my level of job satisfaction. Whether it's from a good picture I've taken, a grade on a paper, or just getting recognition from my boss....those small victories are so important to me. Or, rather, they were important to me. This job was so tough for me because I knew nothing about teaching when I started. My job satisfaction was low, and for most of this year I found myself in a constant state of insecurity. I had no idea if I was doing a good job.

My joy never came from a good lesson I taught, but from seeing kids like Jack talking to me and sharing their culture...all using English. Building those friendships was something I did by accident. It was a byproduct of me just being me. And letters like this are so meaningful to me. I feel like my time here was worthwhile.

Spring is finally here in Korea, and for these next 3 weeks I intend on enjoying every little bit of it while I can. You never know if you'll ever return. Living in the moment is the name of the game.

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