Wednesday, May 2, 2012

By the numbers...

402 days since I've been home
47,354 miles travelled
23 international flights
20 trips through customs
5 passport stamps
3 Visas
8 days sleeping in airports
1 bottle of emergency deodorant that still manages to get through airport security

2 broken backpacks
3 pairs of Chucks
8 pairs of headphones
2 suitcases
26 pairs of underwear
10 shirts
3 pairs of jeans
(*) pairs of nail clippers
3 pairs of glasses
1 very well travelled teddy bear

10,284 pictures taken (including video clips)
1.76TB of hard drive space used
1.1TB of unreleased images
5 projects, 3 of which are completed
3 awards
4,385 hits on Youtube
11,754 hits on Adventures of the Orange Sweater
127 journal entries
72 blog posts
457 released images

176 friends added on Facebook
627 students taught
76 lesson plans
1 new place I can call home

1 very tattered orange sweater


  1. quite an adventurous 13.5 months. safe trip homme dude. PS. how do you have 20 trips though customs but on 5 stamps in your passport?

  2. I went to a couple places more than once, so I don't count them as 'new stamps'. For example, the USA and Korea collectively have 14 stamps from going in and out of each country.