Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Korea Photo Dump #3

Photo Dump #3! Today's theme: people in Korea!

This photo is actually of one of my best friends in Korea, Warren. He's a fellow photographer, and much better than me at that. We talk about gear and technique and such. Nerd out. That kind of thing. His wife asked me to take pictures of him for his graduation, and to tell you the truth...I was intimidated.

You don't like to tell people this, but if you ever mess up a job with a non-photographer kind of person, it's not that big of a deal. As long as you capture the moment and are able to edit it a bit, you can cover up your mistakes pretty well.

With Warren, I knew he would know every single mistake I made. I knew he would look at framing and aperture and all the nit and picky stuff....not to judge me or anything, either. It's more to know how I took a photo and what he as a photographer would do differently.

For his shoot, however, it was pretty cool because we were both in spots that were different than we're use to. He's not usually the subject, and I'm not usually shooting photographers. It created this team mentality that allowed us to grab some pretty cool shots. The day was kinda gloomy to begin with, but we were able to squeeze some good ones out.

This one in particular I liked a lot. I was able to snipe him with my 70-200L and pull him out of the frame with a wide aperture. We bounced it off the wall and, like all good photographers, he knew the pose that would fit perfectly for the scene. The white balance, with the gloomy clouds outside, played into the scene really well. Plus...he graduated. That's all that matters.

It's rare when you actually get to see me in a picture of mine! This is one for me. These are some of the girls I taught at WAW Middle School in Korea. They're funny, awesome kids with great senses of humor. My last day there was filled with pictures and saying goodbye, and this one is perhaps my favorite one of the bunch. One of the girls asked me to do a 'flower' pose, and I happily obliged. Quietly, they all crowded around me and did the same thing! It's alright...you can say 'awww'. I love this picture because I loved my job at WAW, and this is just one of many happy memories at that place. They were awesome kids, and it was an honor to teach them all.
Tune in tomorrow for a special photo dump of some of the nights I had in Seoul!

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