Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lost Baggage

Remember that post a month ago about making footprints? Yea...I took Hayden's advice to heart and decided to take a gamble on a high-risk, high-reward job. I'm back in Korea, working my heart out on a project that if successful will fundamentally alter the way English is taught in this country. It's not every day that opportunities like this come around, and from a personal and professional standpoint I'm treading into territory that is unfamiliar and uncertain. Fortunately, I'm behind a camera...somewhere where I'm comfortable and confident. That'll guide me to the realization of this project.

As for blogging, I'll update you kids with what I'm doing when there's some exciting news to update you on. Right now it's budgeting and pre-production. Lots of numbers, lots of pitches, and lots of head pounding on desks. You don't want to see that nit and gritty part yet. I'll show you the fun stuff. You know...the adventures.

And in case you were wondering, I had a scare with my Orange Sweater and a lost piece of luggage on the way here. When it was lost and its fate was uncertain, I had a long reflection on the life that it's had. It's been a long one for a $5 sweater found on a clearance rack. By all logic, it should be sitting at the back of a closet somewhere or as a 2nd-hand oil rag on someone's car. It's not practical, nor is it a style that screams fashionable.

Regardless, the two of us have built a legacy together. Stories of our adventures together have preceded us. We've created something special here, and I've had people approach me telling me they've been inspired by the stories and adventures me and my orange sweater have had together.

The idea that it might have been lost forever frightened me. It meant the possible end of an era. It represented a chunk of my life where I learned what it meant to truly live, where I followed my heart and took the path less traveled. Facing the world without my orange sweater...well, it felt daunting. I wasn't ready to move on quite yet.

Fortunately, it found it's way back to me. I think that's a sign. At the very least, it has survived this long. There's still time for some adventures and excitement, even though the years are creeping up and 'real life' is calling. I'm not quite ready to hang up the sweater just yet, which means our story will still have some tales yet to be written.

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