Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fukuoka Visa Run 2012, Part 4: Home

After Nagasaki, the rest of my Visa run really wasn't that exciting. If you've ever been to Japan, you know how expensive it is. Once I had that Visa in hand, I hopped on the next flight to Busan and was back home on Friday evening to have dinner with my friends.

It's strange because, for something as important as a Visa, the actual process of getting that Visa is very easy. It's a little page in your passport. That's it. All the stuff around it is the hard part. Like, for instance, right now I'm waiting on my Alien Registration Card. That's the ID all foreigners carry. It's a month long process and, until that card comes in, I don't have internet or a phone. I need to do so much more registration and go through a long process before, finally, I can get settled in here.

Visa runs aren't usually fun, but they can be eye opening. With all our technological advances and our 'globalized' world, we still rely on all this paperwork to verify something as simple as someone's identity. It's a tedious and taxing process, and often the Visa process is enough to deter people from working abroad.

I'm sometimes in that boat. Every time I do this, I ask myself "Is this really worth it?". After the panic attacks subside, I often come to the realization of how lucky I really am. Not many people work abroad. It's a privilege and a wonderful experience, one that opens your mind to culture and obstacles you would never get at home. It makes you strong and capable of taking on anything, and the process that allows you to work abroad is just one of those hurdles you must over come. I do have to remind myself of that sometimes...

Now...for that next adventure? Well, it's just around the corner. My job is in full swing now, and at the end of September I should have some news to share with all of you. I told you that this was just a beginning. I got the Visa in my hand now. I'm ready to rock, and I hope that the ESL world is ready for what's coming.

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