Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October Updates

It's the end of September (beginning of October)! And you know what that means, right?

Well, I don't. I was suppose to announce something cool and awesome about my job and some things going on, but life has a way of throwing molasses in your gears and slows things down when you're just getting on a roll. This time around, they are delays outside my control that are stalling my next big adventure.

The silver lining in all of this is I get to focus on some side projects that I've been setting on the back burner for a while now. They needed some love and attention, and I've made strides in developing some cool ideas for the next round of films! These projects include:

1) Tackling human trafficking in Korea. Filming has started on this one, with a target completion date TBD. It's a collaborative effort with one of the largest churches in Korea, and it's been my privilege to work with them over the last 6 months.

2) Outlining a Southeast-Asia based humanitarian project focused on the repercussions of the Vietnam War

3) Outlining an around-the-world project exploring culture in a very creative (and, at the moment, secret) fashion. This is a long term project which guarantees many more adventures in the future.

4) Next steps on the "Roots of Happiness". We have had success in film festivals all through 2012 (take a look for yourself here), and are looking at the next steps in getting the support these kids deserve as well as what we're going to do next.

Keeping busy is tough these days. I feel tired and sluggish sometimes, which is a byproduct of the new job and getting re-acclimated to living in Korea again. I know, I know. It's not a good excuse for the lack of posts these days. I've neglected you a little bit, and I'm sorry about that. Just know that the adventure continues in a much bigger and grander fashion...more than anything I could imagine. It's just taking alot of preparation to get everything off the ground.
I did want to share with you a cool story about one of my boys from Kenya. He's in trade school right now, and he approached me and my father about starting a soccer program in his hometown. His hometown has a problem with drugs and kids getting into trouble because the boys don't have alot to do, and they're all too poor to afford a decent soccer ball and some gear.

He wrote up a proposal and everything outlining his program, and the Michezo Hope program was born. "Michezo" is Swahili for sports or games, and the idea is to give these boys the chance to play sports to keep active and out of trouble.

It's not a big program at the moment. Really, it's just one soccer ball that was purchased for these boys. But that one soccer ball is already making a huge difference. I am proud of my brother and friend in Kenya, and I'm looking forward to seeing what he can do with this program he created.

It doesn't take much to make a difference. We think that volunteering and making an impact in this world takes movers and shakers and a ton of money. The reality is it takes good ideas and a calculated application of resources to make it happen. All we need to do is, from time to time, set aside our beefs and politics that plague our society and listen to the needs of our fellow man. The world is inherently good, and a young man in Kenya and his soccer program is proof of that.

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