Monday, February 10, 2014

AOTOS Reboot and Adventure Syndicate

If you're a regular reader, you've probably noticed that I haven't posted much since last September. Job searching and a lull in travel has severely cut my adventuring, and I haven't been that motivated to force myself to write or create anything. Think writer's block...just with everything even remotely artistic.

Fortunately, I'm stubborn enough to not let something like that last too long. My sweater might be in the closet collecting dust, but both of us know that we'll be moving on to the next big adventure soon. 

We're going to reboot this blog, and as part of the reboot of Adventures of the Orange Sweater, I'm pumped to be working with a new group: Adventure Syndicate
This is a social media group that, much like Adventures of the Orange Sweater, is dedicated to sharing all those bold experiences we have in life with the people that care the most. Right now, you can find content for Adventure Syndicate on Facebook and YouTube. 

If you go to those pages, you can see that as of right now it's a very young group. There's only a month's worth of content pushed out right now. I can assure you that there's plenty more on the way in the coming months ahead.

So what's new for Orange Sweater? Not alot, actually. You'll still find all my content here on Blogger, with it getting pushed to Adventure Syndicate as a contributor. There's going to be more videos, and you'll be able to find them at the AdvSyn YouTube channel as well as my own channel. You'll still have plenty of written content to read as well. Most of it will look familiar. I'll just be posting alot more short, content-focused posts and posting them more often. You know... like a normal blog.

Every Monday at 6AM EST starting next week I'll have something new for all of you to check out, along with the normal posts whenever I go on an adventure abroad. I've been digging in my hard drives, and there are A TON of stories I've yet to share with all of you. It'll be enough to satisfy my ancy legs while I get ready for whatever comes next. Plus, I've been looking for a way to stick it to Mondays. Monday gets a bad rep. This should help out a little bit. Be sure to subscribe to the Adventure Syndicate Facebook and YouTube as well as my channel if you want to keep updated on everything we do. 

And, like always, thanks for sticking with me through the years. This blog has always been home for me. I've treated it much like a scrapbook: taking the memories I've created along the way and stashing them somewhere to be cherished later. I've read through my blog many times over these last couple of trying months, and it has brought me the greatest of joys knowing that these experiences were shared with so many people. 

See ya next Monday, and for many Mondays to come!

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