Thursday, February 6, 2014

Demo Reel 2014!!!!

With the help of some awesome friends and former colleagues, I finally have an updated demo reel! You can check it out here:
Or, alternatively (because embedding on Blogger is rather disappointing), you can view it via this link:

It's been a while since I've done anything remotely creative, and to be honest I feel a bit rusty and out of shape. I was talking with one of my good friends about how I've neglected my writing and videography, and how I can't bring myself to create anything anymore. His advice was simple: persist.

So, taking that advice to heart, I do have some good news for everyone reading Adventures of the Orange Sweater. We have some new and old things on the burners, and I'll be writing more about what is in the works this coming Monday. Don't worry, I'm not a man with a master plan. This blog was never intended for world domination. It'll still be the same stuff you've seen over the years, just more focused and with some new faces and places.

See you Monday!

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