Monday, March 24, 2014

36by24 #4 - I Wanna See!

36By24 is a series featuring photos that, over time, have developed stories of their own. You can find more under the "36By24" tag in the menu bar above.

On one of the last days of "Roots of Happiness" we were walking through town with our team, cameras in hand. It was around the end of school and in the distance we could hear the sound of dozens of children walking up the road. They were trickling in at first. A young boy would show us his backpack or his shoes, and we would ask as best we could if we could take some pictures of him. Most of these kids had never seen a camera before. Alot of them hadn't seen foreigners, either. Many were curious of who we were and what we were doing.

After each picture we took, they would rush us and take a look at their faces on camera. They would point at each other on the screen and laugh, then ask for us to take another picture. Over time more and more kids came to see what we were doing and, before we knew it, we were overrun!

As kids everywhere are, these ones in my picture were a bit impatient. Before I even took the picture, they were mid-sprint heading over to my camera to be the first one to point out their friends. It was a beautiful, unintended moment that seemed to capture all the action of that day. The chaos was sublime. I still remember the sounds of their high pitch squeals as they saw their faces in something other than a mirror. This instantly became one of my best memories from Kenya.

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