Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sushi and Airplanes

After an eight-month travel drought I am finally getting out of the country for a little while! I'll be in Korea again, visiting friends and relaxing for a couple of months. 

The first hop to San Francisco is complete, and I'm getting some solid grub in before the 12-hour haul to Incheon.

One thing I found is that, when traveling to a general region over and over again, you adopt an airport as your main hub to the majority of your destination. That can be determined by the airline you fly of course (United has a big hub in SFO). Nevertheless, having a familiar watering hole before going abroad is comforting and always something to look forward to.

I am a sushi guy. I love it, and having something not-fried before flying gets me through those long flights. I have two places I always go to, one on each side of the Pacific.

I just so happen to be in one of them now: Tomokazu in the International Terminal at SFO.

No-frills sushi is almost impossible to find, especially in airports. Tomokazu somehow manages to give me simple, delicious sushi for under $10. Not bad for any place, and pretty awesome for a sushi joint in one of the busiest airports in North America.

Now back to grubbing...see ya in Korea!

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